Potential incorrect info in "file too big" image upload failure feedback/dialogue

So, when I tried to upload an image as a profile picture, profile background, or user card background, and the file size was greater than one megabyte, it failed and gave me a feedback/dialogue box saying, “Sorry, that file is too big (maximum size is 4096kb). Why not upload your large file to a cloud sharing service, then paste the link?”. In my testing, (re-exporting via GIMP in different compression amounts) the actual maximum file size for all three is one megabyte or very close to it.

Also, the mention of pasting a link from a cloud sharing service… So, I couldn’t find any actual option for this, and I tried dragging link text all over the place, from both Google Drive and Imgur, just for poops and chuckles. I assume this isn’t actually implemented yet, but maybe I’m just derpin’ and missing something.

Anyway, otherwise, the site’s lookin’ pretty sweet, yo! Light mode even looks good, but thanks for including a dark mode option! Definitely appreciated! Hopefully I’ll be able to catch a live show again soon, and check out the fancy new sticky turbo chat! … err, turbo sticks chat.

Edit: doin’ an edit for the badger! :badger:

Is this for the TURBO Toot or TURBO Discourse? Should be sorted now if you were talking about here.

As for pasting a link, you just copy paste the link as you would with any piece of text. Discourse takes care of it from there.

Sorry for the slow reply.

Yeah, I was talking about here, on discourse. Well, bigger pictures do seem to work now! I was gonna confirm whether the new max size dialogue is correct, but I don’t even have a big enough picture to trigger it.

And are you talking about copying the link into text entry boxes, like here? I was just talking about uploading pictures as backgrounds or a profile picture. In the “file size too big” error dialogue, when doing that, it mentioned copying the link, but I don’t see how to. There’s just a button that opens a file browser for uploading. (Which is totally normal. It’s the dialogue that seems potentially misplaced, or something.) I tried pasting the link in as the filename in the file browser, just for kicks, and that gave me this: “Sorry, the file you are trying to upload is not authorized (authorized extensions: jpg, jpeg, png, gif).” which makes sense, since I was trying to upload a url as a file.

Edit: So, here in the text box, copying the link doesn’t magically post it as a link, but clicking the little picture icon to upload from either a file or a website will make it grab the picture from Imgur at least, Not so sure about the Google Photos link. That could be permissions stuff, for all I know. I did create a sharing link to test it, but who knows.