Private Stream video playback issue

I don’t watch APTs so this is my first time watching today’s stream cause it was private to Turbos and I must say that not having an option to lower the video resolution made it hard to watch cause at times I was watching a slideshow.

Any plans on implementing transcoding options in the future or does the server can’t handle that sort of thing?


Not feasible, sorry. It is also already at a pretty low bitrate, so there isn’t terribly much to be gained. Make sure you pick the optimal node for you from the dropdown menu at the top of the stream, if you haven’t already; it defaults to Europe.

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is there a way to watch the is it archived anywhere

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Not yet. It will probably eventually be made available somewhere; whether on YouTube or Vimeo like Awesome Piece Theatre, I don’t know. Keep an eye on the TURBOToot.

hi just wondering did you have the player set the the right source for you? if you move your mouse pointer to the top of the video player and drop bar shows a list of sources making the stream better.
i did have that sideshow before i changed mine

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