Turbo Sticks - Stream Chat optional features

A user in the discord chat brought this up. Could be great to have the chat box on the right side of the stream able to be manually resized.

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I generally like the idea of letting chat be resizable, although from a UI and UX perspective I find it a bit difficult to convey to the user that they can resize chat intuitively while preserving the possibility to minimize chat entirely, especially when also taking mobile users into consideration.

A higher priority for me at this point, would be to make chat responsive like the rest of TURBO Sticks and provide users with the option to adjust things such as text size in the chat. Once chat behaves a bit better with different sizes I’d feel more comfortable with tackling improvements such as this one.

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My initial suggestion (which led o mellisbaker posting this) was to just make chat more narrow because on a 16:9 1080p monitor it takes up way too much space for no reason at all (way more than the old wordpress version). This should be really easy to implement.

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Since it is a responsive design it’s unfortunately not quite that simple. That’s why I’m prioritizing making chat responsive first. It’s easy enough to make it look good at one specific resolution and aspect ratio.

I’m definitely considering switching to it taking up a fixed percentage of the width though, rather than have it scale by the smaller dimension of the viewport. Since the rest is already scaling that way. That might feel a bit better. Mixing various scaling mechanisms can get finicky and complicated though, so we’ll see how well that goes.

The aim is definitely to have it take up as little space as possible while still being easily readable and not feeling too squished.

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Should be better now.

Thanks to @Daverball.

Looks like Turbo Sticks chat is disconnected from the Discord show chat. Just wanted to let someone know while we are watching the Xbox show.

Fixed. Quicker to mention me on the TURBO Toot or Discord.